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Team Challenges

Organise the best moments of the year and promote the spirit and values you want to pass on to your team, taking advantage of the best that events, sport and the most original team building activities have to offer.

Start the day with a small team meeting, in the most original of spaces, offer a hearty lunch to the most demanding member of your team and after a super fun team activity, close the day with the entertainment and conviviality the group deserves!

And don't worry, we'll take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy the day... as a team!

Promote Unity, Create Success!

Push Forward, Corporate Events, Team Building, Brand Activations

Tailor-made actions for your team!


Quick, simple and super interactive challenges!

Games designed for smaller spaces and/or for groups that need to work on a first level of communication. They are ideal for 'icebreaker' actions or for table vs. table' challenges, with lots of games of skill, mimes, riddles, IQ challenges and, of course, lots of action and laughter.

Ready to beat the clock?


Bring all the entertainment and interaction you need for your group to your company through challenging games and team dynamics.

In these activities we work on soft skills such as co-operation, leadership, methodology and communication, bringing to life well-known games such as the rooster game, mastermind, 4 in a row, minefield, memory game, among others, in a list of +30 games in XXL size!

At the end, we have a little collective surprise in store, which could determine the winner of this challenge.


Back to the 90s?

For the true 'warriors', this is a challenging circuit with some 'splashes', lots of inflatables and gymkhanas. The aim is to work out the best team strategy to cross the finish line quickly and, of course, with the objective of the game fulfilled.

There will be plenty of entertainment, teamwork and laughter!


Choose a mountain, city, farm or other setting and we'll implement one of our mysteries to unravel.

Get involved in stories like the "Mystery of the 2 Chests" where cognitive, concentration and orientation challenges command your team, promoting spirit and teamwork.

Ideal for smaller groups who need to work on communication and team bonding.


"Companies are made of people". A challenge that is only possible with everyone's co-operation.

Among colourful accessories (hat, t-shirt, cap, scarf, etc.) to bring the final result to life, face painting, music and lots of fun in between, we worked on cooperation, communication and team spirit.

Let's bring your Brand to life?


Show your Talent!

The group will be divided into several teams, which after a draw will be given a challenge to fulfil. It could be Theatre, Music, Drawing, Poetry, among others. The teams will have a set amount of time to prepare the best performance and show the judges the final result. Each performance will receive accessories to use and the appropriate score.

In the end, the teams will go through different challenges in a circuit that will promote the different skills of each element.


They won't know whether to laugh or pull for their own team!

An auditorium full of participants (or a similar space), a stage, a jury, a host and various challenges. The teams will only be given clues as to what they will encounter, and will have to strategically subdivide the challenges beforehand.

Amid a thousand laughs, the jury will score each of the stages and their respective appearances on stage, resulting in a final winner. The best part? A video (programme) will be produced with the best moments to show the whole company, like a real TV show.


Put your team's knowledge to the test with the Mega Quizz!

But don't think it will be easy, we always have a challenge in store for the last round! Cubiquitous culture, popular riddles, instrumental music to guess which song is playing, questions about the company itself and (possibly!) the participants themselves.

A complete challenge that will test the 5 senses of everyone involved, their knowledge and the development of collective responses.


To complete your event, add the right people and props, the right music and catering, and entertainment designed to make the experience unforgettable.

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