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Sporting Challenges

Organise competitions that promote unity and communication among your team, with a recreational spirit and a competitive edge. Or if the company tournament is one of the highlights of the year, organise a competition with all the necessary rigour and detail.

From individual to team sports, we take care of everything you need to ensure that your company's 'stars' don't miss a beat. From choosing the venue, managing registrations and incidents, refereeing, regulations, equipment, applications and statistics, to the necessary awards and trophies.


Looking for an original challenge?

Giant bubbles, a ball and lots of adrenaline. In this game, forget about fouls and red cards, all you have to worry about is running, shooting and pushing. The laughs come on their own! With no goalkeeper, the games last 10 minutes and allow all the participants to rotate.

Ideal for smaller groups (up to 20-30 people) or activities/events that have time for everyone to get round and take part.


Install the perfect combination of digital and sport at your company or event.

With 30 different games available, multiball offers an interactive experience for anyone who wants to challenge themselves. Intuitive to use, your employees can switch between games on their own and have hours of fun.

It includes games of various kinds, challenges in pairs or teams, including 'classics' that we all know, such as the game of rooster or 4-in-a-row, and much more. Click on 'see more'.

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Who will take the trophy back to the company?

Football, volleyball, basketball, padel or any other sport. Put together a day (or a longer calendar) full of adrenaline-pumping moments and socialising. In the end, the trophy goes to the most "competent" department. Problem? You'll have to listen to them brag about it for the rest of the year.

And don't worry... the venue, event management, statistics, refereeing, trophies and other "headaches" are all on our side.


Perfect for getting the whole company (and possibly their families) together.

Set up a scenario full of games and challenges for all ages, such as bowling and archery, precision and strength challenges and team games that can bring employees' families together for a super fun day.

Promote physical activity and socialising in a fun way, with lots of music, different experiences, skills and teamwork challenges, for all tastes and ages!


3, 2, 1 ... Go!

Prepare an outdoor activity that will appeal to the more competitive, who want to test their physical and orienteering limits, while those who want to enjoy the view, walk and catch up on some conversation along the way!

Whether it's an orienteering challenge, a walk or a run, we'll set up the route and support you need for a different morning.


The choice is yours, becausehere are 4 variants you can try: Minigolf, FootGolf, Golf or simply learning to 'hit' a few balls on the driving range.

Either way, it's a peaceful and fun way to spend the afternoon as a team, ending with a cold drink and lots of laughs. After all, hitting the ball is harder than it looks!


Do you know the famous F1 series 'Drive to Survive'?

If you don't know your most passionate colleagues behind the wheel, help us to clarify. Here, we'll put your company's best drivers to the test in different categories, in a day full of adrenaline, competition and socialising!

Rules, accessories, trophies and everything you need are defined so that in the end victory depends on just one thing: your 'nail kit'.


If you're looking to work on your team members' competitive and mutual spirit, these fun options allow you to put your participants to the test. All without worrying about safety, because nowadays there are lighter versions of what is known as Paintball.

To get started, or for a lighter introduction to the concepts, you could offer your team a target shooting experience, where participants handle different instruments while competing with their colleagues for the most "accurate".


The experience of the stars!

Waking up, visiting the most emblematic museums, changing in the stars' locker room, feeling the "weight" of the shirt and playing in one of Portugal's historic stadiums? Better, just finish with lunch in the stadium and be able to say "I played there".

Some suggestions:
Estádio da Luz, Estádio de Alvalade, Estádio do Dragão, Estádio Cidade de Coimbra, Estádio Aveiro, Estádio do Algarve, Estádio do Bessa, Restelo (Os Belenenses, overlooking the River Tagus).


To complete your event, add the right people and props, the right music and catering, and entertainment designed to make the experience unforgettable.

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