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Play For a Purpose

Whether it's a brand activation, a team building activity or any other event to connect with your network, take the opportunity to play with a purpose. Not only to connect with your target, but also to make someone's world a better place. No matter who wins, we all win.

Step 1.
Choose the association, purpose and benefit of the event.

Step 2.
Design the best sporting experience for your target, team and everyone involved. Create the perfect formula to achieve the goals and purposes of the event.

Imagine a clean beach after an afternoon of original team building sports activities, or the laughter of special people who might be involved in a full day of sport. All this, while your team, your network or your target audience gets closer to the goals you want to promote.

Take a look at the Group's events Agôn International and get to know some of the unique moments that can be created, in Portugal, through the Push Forward.