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5 Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in your Company!

We all know by now that the most important ingredients for a good company Christmas party are a good meal and drink (qb!). After all, if you work in a company that uses the day for a "sermon" of numbers and goals, both necessary and boring, you know that what comes after is always the biggest reason to smile all day!

But how to get out of the box and try to liven up the group with different ideas? We leave you with some suggestions:

1. Think of an activity for the moments before the meal:

A peddy paper, a workshop, a tasting, a boat trip, a visit to a monument or museum, go-karts or paintball, or even a nice "breaking of plates" (yes, there are places for that). This will not only bring more joy to the day, but also work on group bonding.

2. Add Magic and Music to the Meal time:

Magic means dj or live music, caricatures, face painting, dancing or simply juggling in the reception area. This will create an original and interactive first impact for everyone present, raising the bar of the event right from the opening giving that "wow" effect.

3. Props and Accessories

Simple props can make the moment at the table more fun. After all, everything is a reason for photography these days and sharing on social media, so nothing beats filling the room with fun props. Speaking of photography, why not a photoboot?

4. Memories

It is common for the company to give a souvenir to each member of its team. If it doesn't, it should! But on this topic there is always the opportunity to think "out of the box". You can draw lots, create scratch cards or ask the participant to choose something he or she identifies with, from a list of pre-established and humorous "gifts". And of course, don't forget the group photo, something that always remains for prosperity!

5. Get out of "Home"!

Although logistically more difficult and a little more expensive, taking the group out of their "comfort" zones will bring more results in terms of union and interaction with whatever you plan. New spaces, or at least those outside your day-to-day area, will get more attention from everyone present.

And finally...

Because it should always be in mind, especially during festive seasons, you can think about creating a solidarity movement within the event itself. Whether by the number of steps, points or goals they make in the activity they choose, you can always associate that result with offers to non-profit associations.


Gonçalo Oliveira

Founder Push Forward Sports

Marketing & Events

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