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How to Prepare your Company's Christmas Event?

Another festive season is approaching and you want to take the opportunity to strengthen group unity, more than just create a convivial moment. Do you also want to impress and create those memories that will be remembered all next year? For that, we leave you with some ideas on how to do it!

First, what do you intend to do?
There are many ideas, but you have to focus on creating a concept that meets the main objectives you have, and at the same time manages to create a memorable experience. To do this, it is important to think about activities that meet the profile of your group. Age, gender, tastes, availability, among others. It is fun to innovate, but unless you have a super irreverent group, there are points of the event that have to be ?comfortable? and adjusted to make the day enjoyable.

And now, where to start?
The first step will be to understand where you are holding your event (location). Do you have people from different parts of the city or country? Do you want to find the closest location for everyone? Are you going to do outdoor or indoor activities? Do you want a more cultural, city or nature environment? These are some of the aspects that will give you a first direction.

What's next?
In almost every idea there are key aspects that will never change, even when alternatives come up. That one big focus that you have that you really want to do. It could be visiting a monument, joining a workshop or a wine tasting, creating a mystery to be unravelled in a group or looking for great teamwork situations. Whatever the main idea is, make planning around it. Where you're going to eat, that extra activity to complete the day or the hotel where you're going to stay should come as a consequence. After all, that's your priority.

How to fill the day?
When you already know where you want to hold your event and what the "main event" is, it's time to look for everything that involves the place where they will be. The best restaurants, hotels or activities in the locality, how you can make the day more comfortable, making it so they don't have to take the car as soon as they arrive or where they can start/finish so that logistically it's easier for everyone (examples).

How to work on team spirit?
There are different ways of working on aspects such as communication, helping each other, etc. Usually, a small competition or challenge is fundamental. Whether through a peddy paper or team building games, cooking/drinking workshops or more sporting activities such as paddle or bubble football. They all allow you to create situations of collective challenge. If you can combine more than one activity or include a treat, like a tasting (for example), all the better!

How to Finish?
This is the fun part. The time to fill in the holes and little activities that your day may have. Include a band/DJ and lots of music, a photoboot, a theme or party accessories. Create a cute idea for end of year awards/gift giving or associate the result of your day with a social cause.

With practice, you'll start to think more ?ahead? and anticipate some steps that would normally come later. What matters is to come up with an idea that will please your group, that is feasible within the budget and time you have (to organise and implement on the day), and above all, that is not too complicated. People usually like simple and fun things ? less is more!


If you need help, we're on this side. We promise to create an incredible experience and make your event stick in everyone's memory!


Gonçalo Oliveira

Founder Push Forward

Event Production

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