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7 Ideas for Team Building in 2023!

7 Ideas for Team Building in 2023!

Have you thought about what to do this year with your team? No more digital! We give you some suggestions to get your team interacting again!


1. trails/walks

Take advantage of the beautiful sunny days and take your team on a walk along one of the many footbridges in Portugal, walk along a cliff by the sea or take your team hiking in the mountains, to discover streams and lakes that until today they didn't know existed! All with the right equipment, hydration points and necessary care, after a warm welcome and briefing. At the end, take the opportunity to create a gastronomic and musical moment, for a convivial and great end to the day!

2. Peddy Papers

Not unlike trails and hikes, but with a different goal, peddy papers (or mystery walks) allow you to include a theme, a goal for each team (or common to all) and go through historical and cultural sites, for learning and interaction among the whole team. In between, take the opportunity to create out-of-the-box challenges that promote creativity and increase the participants' level of rapport.

3. Sports Activities

Whether it's a run (or walk again!), a paddle tennis or football tournament, or creating a space full of games for all ages, sport allows you to work on all those values you're looking for! And not everything has to be competitive. Create playful spaces, where participants learn the most important aspects of a particular sport. If you have the courage, you can extend this sports day to include 2 tournaments of different sports in the same facility, involving as many participants as possible, and if they wish, their families too.

4. Team Building Games

The traditional team building games, yes. But here, with a sporting twist and full of excitement! Try to create competitive and super original games that promote the skills that they intend to transmit to the participants. At the end of each round, the winning team takes a "piece" of the puzzle that corresponds to a certain value, which was fundamental during the game. Once the games are over (and maybe a quizz too!), we have a finished puzzle, fulfilled objectives and many smiles. All recorded in photo and video!

5. Workshops

Bring your team together in a moment of collective learning. Here are some ideas: Winemaker for 1 day (with wine tasting and snacks), Culinary Workshop (sweets, sushi, various dishes) or drinks (Gin, Cocktails), Dance, Singing (in a Karaoke spirit), or visits to caves and other cultural spaces for learning. At the end, nothing better than a full belly to close a great afternoon.

6. Lectures

One of the great sources of inspiration. See, listen and learn from those who had to overcome great obstacles and persist until they achieve their goals! In sport, there are many examples of overcoming and no one better than those involved to pass on the message you are looking for to your team, putting morale and motivation at a high level.

7. Extra: Multiball

If you are still a fan of digital, we suggest the perfect conciliation of the 2 worlds, with the multiball. Find out all about it here.


See examples and images of such activities in the document below. At the end, there is even a menu-style list of activities to get your imagination going.

? Ideas and Examples (Download)


Best Wishes for Great Moments and Much Success!


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